Announcement: New Look, New Era

January 2016 marks a significant milestone in InfoTeK’s history. In celebration of our 15 year anniversary, we are proud to announce a new look for our corporate image. We have redesigned our logo and corporate website.

This change to InfoTeK’s look and feel is not superficial. We are proud of all we have accomplished over the past 15 years. We have overcome challenges and taken every opportunity to grow and learn. We are looking forward to the next 15 years and want it to show.

These changes to our logo and web presence are a new look for a new era in InfoTeK. ITK was created on the principles of taking care of the ITK family, the employees, and providing exceptional service to our clients. We have renewed our focus on these founding principles. We breathed new life into Recruiting, Human Resources and Security, and, brought in new, more dynamic program managers — all in the interest of serving our employees, clients and partners beyond their expectations.

Please join us in celebrating 15 years of InfoTeK and take time to visit or reach out: Contact Us.