Enterprise Security Risk Management

aligning insider threat prevention, detection, and mitigation strategies with cyber security best practices

Helping Clients Rise Above the Risk

Today’s business environment poses unique security challenges for companies of every size. Internal and external threats compromise billions of dollars of corporate assets each year. Threats are diverse and vulnerabilities are complex. Security risk management is essential for creating sustainable asset protection. We make it our business to protect your business.

InfoTeK provides three services that protect your corporate assets:

  • Holistic Assessments – Understanding your security risk posture
  • Security Development – Creating cost-effective enterprise security programs
  • Solution Integration – Implementing cutting-edge security solutions

InfoTeK is committed to helping our clients rise above the risks.

To learn more about how ITK can assist your company in protecting your assets, contact us at Esrm@infotekcorp.com.

Holistic Assessment

Understanding your risk posture is an essential step in developing an enterprise asset protection strategy. Our assessments explore the entire organization, including your assets, business environment, threats, vulnerabilities, security governance, and legal issues. We merge technical, behavioral, process, and policy issues into a single, actionable framework designed to capture all of the Key Risk Factors (KRFs) bearing on the prevention, detection, and mitigation of enterprise threats.

Total Knowledge Outlook™

tkoTotalTKO™ is InfoTeK’s proprietary one-of-a-kind enterprise risk assessment methodology that combines the best practices of traditional assessment methods (NIST, ISO and COBIT) with real-world intelligence-grade risk assessment approaches. The purpose is to identify, understand, and prioritize risks with an emphasis on proportional and tailored solutions. TKO™ is the only enterprise risk assessment methodology developed by former Intelligence Community experts with experience in preventing, detecting, and managing today’s most complex and unique threats. TKO™ is the only risk assessment methodology that provides you with a clear and granular understanding of:

  • Holistic enterprise security posture based on TKO’s™ Key Risk Factors
  • Critical assets based on TKO’s™ Key Impact Factors
  • Threats posed to your organization based on TKO’s™ Key Threat Factors
  • Vulnerabilities to your assets based on TKO’s™ Key Vulnerability Factors
  • Risks posed by third-parties and trusted business partners

Security Development

Applying the knowledge gained through InfoTeK’s assessment process is a critical step in protecting your assets. InfoTeK clients know the importance of developing holistic security programs. Our processes ensure rigorous attention to understanding, planning and developing the Key Security Components that are tailored for your organization and aligned with your business objectives.

Security Development Objectives

  • IDENTIFY threats and vulnerabilities
  • PROTECT critical assets
  • DETECT indicators of suspicious activity
  • RESPOND to threatening behaviors
  • RECOVER from incidents

Solution Integration

True security requires strategically incorporating and implementing technical and non-technical solutions into a holistically designed enterprise security program. Today, the marketplace is flooded with technical solutions that claim to “solve” the insider threat or cyber security problem. Unfortunately, no such panacea exists. Most providers deliver little to no guidance on how to best incorporate their products into your organization, and companies are left to make difficult resource and operational decisions on their own. We take on the tough questions, so you don’t have to: Which solutions are the best? How can they be incorporated into my security program? How can they be integrated with my non-technical solutions? How can I ensure that I’m reducing the greatest amount of risk at the lowest cost?