Commercial Products

InfoTeK Corporation has an amazing team of brilliant software, system and security engineers that aid is in delivering unique products and services to the commercial market.  We are proud to support the innovative minds of our employees while delivering one-of-a-kind products to our clients.



ExecPicks analyzes legal Insider Trades using proprietary algorithms to determine which are poised for a positive run. There are tens of thousands of legal Insider Trades each month but less than 1% have a high probability of success. We identify them so you don’t have to. Since 2011 we have tested and refined our process and now we are ready to share it with you.
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TKO® is InfoTeK’s proprietary, one-of-a-kind insider risk assessment
tool developed by former Intelligence Community experts with experience in
preventing, detecting, and mitigating insider threats.


  • Real-time detection
  • Forensic-level Results
  • Tailored to any size organization

ExecPicks Launch

InfoTeK Corporation proudly launched our premiere stock predicting web application ExecPicks June 21, 2017

ExecPicks uses complex algorithms to analyze legal “insider information” and identify stocks with a high probability of value increases.  ExecPicks predictions have shown an 84 percent success rate in the last 12 months.